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The following classmates have provided us with an update on themselves. Please take a moment and send us an update on yourself, email us at: kenckai@euclid74.com Please include a recent photo to be included on the website.

Elizabeth Stillings Beck

After graduating from Ohio State in 1977 with a B.S. in Biology I headed to
Washington State for graduate school in Entomology. I discovered that
the life of a professor was not for me, and neither was eastern
Washington. But I did meet my husband at WSU and we married in 1978. We
ended up in Minneapolis in 1981, and have been in the same house in
Minnetonka for 23 years. Our son is finishing up the first year of his
first full time job in Stamford, CT after finishing his degree at RPI in
New York, and we hope he moves back to Minnesota in the next few years.

After moving to Minneapolis, I completed an associates in accounting and
finally had to learn how to type. I followed it with an MBA from
University of St Thomas. I worked in various accounting positions until
2000 when I moved to U.S. Bank in Corporate Payment Systems. It was a
great switch to change management consulting and software development, and
I am currently a product director for solutions in freight payments.
Even though retirement is still several years away, I am starting to
plan all of the extra time to enjoy my favorite pastimes which currently
include gardening, ride my aging horse, Tai Chi and bellydancing. And if
I am really ambitious I may finally finish my gardening software product.

Here's to aging gracefully – or at least joyfully – and hope to see you at
the reunion.

Jeff Johnson

Below is a little bio of what I've done since high school. I spent 6 years at Ohio
University (after changing my major mid-stream) and graduated with degrees in
physics and mathematics. I went on to graduate school at Washington State University
where I earned a Master's in physics with a thesis in astrophysics. Unable to find a
job in astronomy, I ended up going to Shell Oil in Houston TX. I first worked as a
programmer in geophysical software, and then later as a geophysicist. Later in my
career I worked as a research geophysicist. I retired from Shell in 2010. I worked
as consultant for a few years after retirement. Lily and I spend time between our
home in the Houston area on Clear Lake, and a summer home we have in Port Townsend
Washington. Hope to see you sometime.
Regards, Jeff

Stephen Voase

Steve Voase (4/30/55-8/4/2004) passed away after a 15 year battle with lymphoma
cancer, after 2 years of testicular cancer. He remained doing his art & odd jobs
while on disability, wore out 10 speed tires 2x year & even gained a few speeding
tickets. He found faith & married 2/14/1994, eventually moved to Chicago
where he quietly passed away 8/2004 with the best VA home-care!

He will be missed & my family donates a coffee/57 chevy gift basket annually
to the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society fundraiser every August, held by Pat O'Brien
dealership in Willoughby Hills.

We'd love to know if any of his classmates have any of his artwork he may have
done for them through the years...his art portfolio was unfortunately lost. He
was a graduate of Cooper School of Art & excelled @ 'dot matrix photo's, pen &
ink drawings, logos, cartooning & muscle car customized kits.

Mrs. Renee (Voase) Silvaroli
30213 Robert St.
Wickliffe, OH 44092

Kevin Lewis

After graduation, I attended and graduated from OSU with a degree in Math Education.
This May, I finish a 35 year career teaching junior high math (that noise you hear
is my shouts of joy!). I have coached track and cross country all those years and
will continue coaching after retiring from teaching. I still get out and run with
the kids and jump into a race every once in a while. This November will be my 30th
year as meet manager for the Ohio HS cross country championship.

For the last 15 years, I have shot competitive pistol matches and that hobby has
turned into a 2nd vocation as I teach Concealed Carry classes around central Ohio.

My wife (Claire) and I have five children. We recently down-sized and moved into a
small house in Alexandria Ohio. If you remember the Andy Griffith Show, you know
where we live! The town has one traffic light, one gas station and one bar...luckily
across the street from me!

I have many good memories of high school, especially the track and cross country teams.

Patty Betts Hall

I left high school after the tenth grade and attended Case Western
Reserve University for my Bachelors and Masters degrees in developmental
psychology. I did a Ph.D. at Kent State and worked at the Cuyahoga
County Board of MR/DD for 30 years, retiring in 2008. I married
attorney Jim Hall in 1984 and we have been living in Summit County since
then. My husband and I have a daughter, Anne - 26 - currently doing her
Ph.D. in molecular biology/genomics at the Baylor College of Medicine in

Marian R. Powell

Hi class of '74. After graduation I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and
earned my bachelors of fine art. Worked in Beachwood as an art director for a few
years, then moved to Chicago for 21 years. Worked in the advertising and marketing
space for several companies, then joined GE where I had executive positions for 17
years. GE moved me to Minneapolis in '98. I left GE in 2003 to join a consulting
firm in NYC, then spun off and formed my own in 2010. Our firm -- Bamboo Partners
helps companies deliver on their strategies. It is interesting work that has me on
the road 2-3 times a month.

I married my husband Steve in Chicago and had two kids. Christopher is 24 and
Virginia is 22. Both healthy and happy and forging their own paths in the world. My
husband died in 2010 after we had moved to our Ranch in Montana. The ranch is my
home now forever. I have a bunch of animals....horses, ponies, a donkey, a mule and
now 6 dogs. Sounds like a crazy animal hoarder situation, but they are all dearly
loved and the horses have jobs --- toting me and friends around the Bitterroot
National Forrest. I now have a new love in my life who is teaching me about fishing
and hunting. And yes, I pack a weapon when riding in the back country.

LIfe has blessed me in so many ways. I am so grateful for my kids, my love and my
friends and family. I get to Cleveland periodically to visit family, but it rarely
overlaps with a reunion, hence my absence. I did get to the 20th and had a great


Marian R. Powell

Marilyn Skedel Kozan

I currently live in Euclid and married to Norman J. Kozan of EHS class of 72. I
have 3 adult children by a previous marriage two sons who live in Connecticut and a
daughter who lives in NY city. I am a grandmother to a beautiful 20 month old
granddaughter Rory, and another grandchild on the way in Aug of 2012. I am working
as a consultant for healthcare software and travel to various contracts throughout
the United States. My best accomplishments in life was having three great children!

Carole Rose Maddux

Following in the footsteps of my Dad, the Euclid High math teacher, I
studied accounting in college. Upon graduation from B.G.S.U., I moved to
the Motor City to accept a job on the General Motors financial staff. I
wanted to be single and live the life of Mary Tyler Moore! Then at age 30,
I met Jim Maddux at work, and a trip to the altar followed soon after. When
our daughter Katey was born, I left G.M. to start an accounting practice in
our house. Somewhere along the way, to everyone's surprise I became a
born-again Christian. That is most rewarding thing I have ever done and
recommend it heartily to anyone.

Katey is grown and graduated, but I am still running the accounting business
from home, still happily married to Jim, and we live in West Bloomfield,
Michigan. We attend Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church, we like to
travel, and besides accounting, we have two other family businesses: Trophy
Land Lease, which links up hunters and land to hunt on; and Duneview
Enterprises, LLC, which is a vacation rental property in northern Michigan.
In other words, we are hopelessly Midwestern.

Life is good, I am very blessed, and hope that you are all the same.

Monica Dagley Lewis

Hello fellow classmates. I just came across this site. It is wonderful.
TY to kenckai@euclid74.com.

I last connected at the 10th year reunion...wow that was a long time ago. I
still chat with a few of you on FB. I married a Westlake boy, Jim Lewis in
1983: We moved our "Blended Family" to Las Vegas, NV in 1989. When the
kids got older, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of a career in physical
therapy. I currently work at Summerlin Medical Center outpatient physical
therapy. I also worked in the acute care setting for many years doing wound

I watched my beautiful children grow up, get married and I am now a
grandmother of 7 grandchildren ages 17 years to 4 months. I am currently
starting a new chapter in my life as Jim and I are filing for divorce. I
have been traveling with friends and will be leaving for a two week trip to
Greece soon. I have learned working in healthcare all these years, your
life can change in an instant and this is not a dress rehearsal.

I look at my fellow friends and classmates that have left this world too
soon and I am thankful everyday for my health.

I welcome any emails. I will be returning to Cleveland this year, hopefully
will get to meet up with some of you fun people. I really did have a blast @

I wish everyone a blessed year.

Monica (Dagley) Lewis

Mary Stephens Somerville

Hello from New Zealand!

Since graduation I probably could write volumes but will just keep you all current
on where i have been in the last 11 years. I moved to New Zealand in 1999 after
meeting my husband John. I have been married 10 years (second marriage) to John
Somerville who is a native New Zealander. We live in Dunedin on the South Island.
My daughter Jillian, who is now 27, lives with us here in New Zealand.

I began my work here in New Zealand at The Otago Daily Times Newspaper as one of the
managers of the Art/Advertising Department. During and since my time at the Otago
Daily Times I have freelanced my artwork and in 2002 was proud to show my oil
paintings in a local gallery here in New Zealand. From there my husband and I
owned and operated our own cafe for a few years till we got a wee bit tired of the
long hours. I have been working for the past 4 years at Coastal Unity Parish,
Presbyterian, as a Lay Minister and Child and Youth Worker. I am also currently at
Otago Univeristy studying Theology and Pastoral Studies to become an ordained
minister. (Yes at my advanced age lol)

My Husband John is a home health care worker and in my eyes a saint :) He is a
fantastic person and one of the most loving people you would ever meet.

My daughter Jillian (Jill) is currently doing her university studies in the field of
Asian Studies with a minor in Japanese language and culture.

We are very blessed :) I hope you all are too!

Mary (Stephens) Somerville

Darlene Kreckal Lurie

Just an update...After high school graduation, attended Cleveland State University,
received a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Communications. Went to work for
WKYC-TV for 11 years as an Associate Director, working on the 6 & 11PM News, the AM
Cleveland Show, and NFL Football for NBC Sports. During that time I was fortunate
to work with many talented people on and off camera.
In 1991, I married my husband, Howard, who is from Philadelphia, we have settled in
Rocky River. We have two children, Alexis who is 16 and Max who is 15. They
attend Rocky River High School. Alexis is on the varsity soccer team, and Max is
on the varsity golf, hockey and baseball teams.
I am presently free-lancing for ESPN, Fox Sports, Sportstime Ohio, WKYC and the Big
Ten Network, doing Cavs, Indians, Browns, Ohio State games, and various college MAC
Just attended the 35th year reunion, if you haven't been to one, try for the next
one, it was a pleasure to see everyone.

Anthony Doremus

I am currently working at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, doing cancer research studies
on Breast and Colorectal cancers. I have been a nurse for 11 years, 3 ½ at the
Clinic. I have 3 grown children, the last will be graduating from JCU next year.
My daughter is married and has 2 boys, my oldest son is a member of the Armed Forces
in a Military Police position, he is married with 2 children.

The last reunion I went to was the 25 yr. I had a great time, hope to attend another
one down the line. It is sad to see how many of our classmates have passed away at
young ages.

Anthony Doremus LPN / Clinical Research Nurse / Solid Tumor Oncology / Cleveland
Clinic 9500 Euclid Ave. / Cleveland, Ohio 44195 / tel: 216-444-0372 / fax:
216-445-8546 / pgr: 26320

Susan Besselman

This is Susan Besselman, from Class of 74. My new email to list on the website is
sbess8@yahoo.com. My new address for people to contact me is: 590 W. Main St-Up,
Madison, OH 44057-3136. Phone # 440-428-8398. Would love to hear from anyone.

My life has changed in the past year, as now, I am raising my 5 1/2 yr. old twin
grandchildren, Jolie & Steven. I've been on disability for health reasons, so this
has been more challenging for me, with their endless supply of energy. Thought since
all 4 of my children were grown and gone out of state, I would be doing something
different now, like traveling. I guess God has other plans for me right now. THAT is
why I try and live by this saying, "ONE DAY AT A TIME" and "WITH GOD".

Walter Sefick

Recently I had occasion to attend a football game at Euclid High School. I have a
stepson (26) and two daughters (17 and 14). The girls are both cheerleaders at
Eastlake North High School (insert chuckle here, those of you who remember me from
high school and are amazed that I could have cheerleader daughters). One is on the
varsity and one is a freshman. I try to attend all the games, so it was off to
Sparky DiBiasio Stadium on Friday night.

A wave of nostalgia hit as I drove in the parking lot, coming down Tracy and
turning into the parking lot the same way I did when I was going to school there. I
half expected to see Paul, the rent-a-cop, there but no such luck. The stadium
looked the same, but the football team is better. They beat us 13-0. I sat on the
visitors side, like I hadn't since the 4th of July Fireworks in 1976. My high school
days truly seemed 34 years behind me.

The next day I took a cruise around Euclid. I found my old apartment in the Parlawn
Gardens on Euclid Ave., but about half the apartment buildings there have been torn
down. Accross the street used to be the Manners where we would cruise when we were
first learning to drive. It's now the site of a grocery store. The Hudson gas
station that used to sell me 32.9 cents/gallon gas is now an oil change place.
Across the border in Wickliffe used to be the Euclid Ave. Outdoor Drive-In, the site
of many fun nights. It's now a bowling alley/car dealership/McDonalds. The Putt-Putt
Golf course that was where I got my first job is now a McDonalds, too.

I now live in Willowick with my wife and kids and dog. I have a steady job and a
nice house. I have been domesticated in every way. Willowick reminds me much of the
way Euclid used to be when we were kids. My hope and prayer is that my kids have the
kind of wild and crazy (and safe,please. after all, I'm Dad) times in high school
with good friends like I did.


Love to Vic, Rob, Morgan, Lenny, Marty, Shirley, Paul R.I.P. DJ

Robert Sockloskie

I often think back to Euclid. I have not forgotten anybody. Here's more on

Got frustrated with my machine shop and sold it in 1980. Saw a PBS program on
psychology, liked it, and received a PhD in 1990 from UCLA. Threw my
dissertation and degrees in the trash after developing an aversion to
science, but held on to a lot of the experiences and my deeper interests.
Always thought religion was crap, but, go figure, my interests soon led me
back to the Catholic faith and I have been attending Daily Mass ever since.
I can sit in an empty church for hours just listening. It can be awesome and
profound, but I won't try to elaborate.

Got into classical music in an expensive way, lot of Masses and Gregorian
Chants, but my rock years always remain a part of me. I like rock lyrics and
I think a lot of it contains "good theology" - I look back on my rock years
in Euclid as a special ed. class. Led Zeppelin remains my favorite, but I
now find the Catholic classics more explicit.

Currently working from home for the UCLA School of Law. A bit moody and I
live like a hermit. Biggest vice is computers and I often give in to lustful
urges to make my computer better and faster. Is there anything more pitiful
than a computer geek? - Computer technology fascinates me as much as

Never married or had biological children of my own but helped raise Nickie
since she was one year of age. She's like a daughter, now married to a
marine and living near Camp Lejeune, NC.


Tom Heil

After High School, I moved to Colorado to find my head, but it wasn't there. So, I
moved back to Cleveland to pursue my dream of finding a good woman and a factory
job. The woman thing didn't work out, but the factory job did and they in turn sent
me to Lakeland Community College where I graduated Suma Cum Laude. Realizing that
perhaps I wasn't the fool that I was in High School, I quit the factory and moved to
Indiana where I subsequently earned a Bachelors in Engineering and a Masters in

My goal was to return to the Forest City, but as fate would have it I landed a big
job at GM in Indy and eventually met the woman of my dreams - an angel, she is. We
are raising our three kids in a town slightly larger than the population of our
beloved high school; not quite the "simple life", but a lot simpler than life in the

We are a family that prays and plays together. A typical Sunday starts with Mass at
the local Catholic Church (kids are altar servers). After Mass, we often take our
five dirtbikes out and wander the hilly fields of Southeast Indiana together. I take
great pride in the fact that our family likes being together.

I am tighter than ever with my high school chums and many of us share the same
interest in vintage motorcycles. We use motorcycle races and rallies as an excuse to
get together regularly.

Faith, family and friends I have down. My job on the other hand is straight out of a
dilbert cartoon. I work my butt off as a purchasing manager and have traveled the
world in search of the best deals for parts and pieces, but would give it up this
afternoon if I would inherit big money or win the lotto.

Barbara Wright Mountjoy

Well, I've been married a couple of times and had two careers, the first
as a newspaper reporter and editor and the second as a family law
attorney. I graduated from the University of Miami Law School in 1986
and have practiced both in Florida and Pennsylvania.
I'm currently the coordinator of the Blossom Project, a Department of
Justice funded program which provides civil legal assistance to domestic
violence victims: www.nwls.org/Blossom , and I have a private practice
as well in family and special education law.
I am the author of the book 101 Little Instructions For Surviving Your
Divorce which came out in 1999 under my former name of Walton, and I
published an internationally circulated magazine called "Woman" from
I've currently been married four years to a wonderful guy half my age
(!) and I've adopted his three children, two of whom have autism, so
we're learning new things every day. This brings my kid count to seven,
and I also have 8 grandchildren. It's a wonderful life!

Barbara (Wright) Mountjoy
412 Baldwin Street
Meadville, PA 16335

Deborah Capadona Drenik

I was married and widowed with 2 children from a previous marriage. I
married my husband Joe in 1991. We've been married 13 wonderful years. Joe is the
Assistant Marketing and Communications Director for GOJO Ind. in Akron. I
have 3 girls, Nicole 26, Shannon 22, and Genny 12. I have an adorable
grandson, Jonathan age 3. My sister Karen recently passed away. (Class of 77)

After graduation, I worked as a hairdresser in various salons for about 10
years, then I purchased my own salon and sold it 3 yrs later. I've worked as
an engineering secy, a court bailiff, a legal secy, martial arts instructor and
I am currently working as an assistant teacher at Metzenbaum school for
students with MRDD (Mentally Retarded/Developmentaly Disabled). I've been there
3 yrs. I've coached Special Olympic Volleyball for the last 3 years, this
year the team took the Silver medal in Columbus.

I'm also a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and have a small school in
Chesterland where we live.

I miss everyone and all the fun we had. I won't be at the reunion because
we already committed to my husband's reunion the same weekend. My best to


Deb Capadona Drenik
12603 Parkview Dr.
Chesterland, Ohio 44026

Judy Connerton Haines

I've been married to class of 72 graduate Bruce Haines for 28 years this Sept 11th.
I have 3 grown children. Kimberly Lynne Guerrieri, married to Rob, has 3
children, Robert 4, Kaitlyn 2-1/2, and Ryan 5 months. My son, Robert
Allen is married to Rachel and they have a son 5-1/2 months old. My
youngest just graduated from Ohio University, majoring in broadcast news and
journalism, and is looking for a job. I've been working for the last 9 years for Dr.
Hackett in Mentor, Ohio as a medical asst./phlebotomist. My husband is a tool maker.

Robin Switzer Brucker

My husband Jim and I have been married for 20 years and have two sons
Rob, 18 is a freshman at Mt. Union College (my alma mater), majoring
in pre-med and our other son, Jamie, 15, is a freshmen at Mt. Gilead
H.S. I am in my 26th year of teaching art at Mt. Gilead High School
and a part time instructor for OSU-Marion. My husband is a self
employed architect. We have been involved with our church, the Heart
of Ohio Emmuas Community of which I will be Lay Director in August,
Habitat for Humanity, traveling and enjoying the activities of our sons.

Thanks for this awesome website, it's nice to stroll down memory lane
and remember the good times we had.

Cathy Clark Finegan

I have not strayed far! Still live in Euclid with my husband of 22 years. We have two sons, 21 and 18. Tom is at the high school and Patrick is in his fourth year at the Cleveland Institute of Art. My husband and I both work in medicine. I also have a second job as the national conference coordinator for the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, a nonprofit organization which supports education about glass beadmaking, an artform nearly lost, and making a resurgence around the world. My second job provides me many travel opportunities which I love!

One of these travel opportunities, unfortunately, will overlap the 30th reunion. I will be in Portland, Oregon instead of here in Euclid. As a result, I am trying to get a few of us together in Portland to have our own mini-west coast reunion. Anyone who would want to join me in Portland is welcome to email me at cfbeads@aol.com.

Bryan Shilander

Associate Dean, Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University (in Chicago)

See you in August!

Jeffrey D. Lustic

My wife Debbie and I have been married for 23 years and live in Chardon. We have three children (so to speak) Melissa 19, 1st year Mount Union College-Athletic Training/Sports Med.; Kevin 17 and Sara 16, both still enjoying the good life in high school. I am Finance Director for a national real estate developer. Our family owns a home on Lake Chautauqua, NY where we spend our Summers skiing, boarding and jet skiing. Life is good. Cheers to my fellow classmates of the class of '74. Those were the days.

Bryan R. Eyman

Dear Classmates,
Christ is among us!
I am a Byzantine Catholic parish priest serving two parishes in Lake County, Ohio. St. Andrew Church is at 5768 Andrews Rd. in Mentor-on-the-Lake. St. Michael Church is at 630 Plum Street in Fairport Harbor. Please come and join us for Sunday services (8:30 AM in Fairport Harbor; 10:30 AM in Mentor-on-the-Lake)

I am also the Protopresbyter (Dean) for the State of Ohio parishes of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy (Diocese) of Parma. I am responsible for around 20 parishes from Fairport Harbor to Dayton.

Since we were last together I have earned a Doctor of Ministry; and a Doctor of Philosophy in applied Eastern Christian Studies. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

(Very Rev. Protopresbyter) Bryan R. Eyman



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